For fireworks professionals, our mission is to build you the software you've always dreamed of but never had...

Save time, shoot better shows, and have the peace of mind of knowing everything is under control.

Finale's Visual Simulation and Inventory Management software provide a complete system for running a pyrotechnics company.

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Visual simulation

Design shows visually. Make videos for customers and friends.

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Site layout diagrams

Give your crew visual setup instructions.

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Simple and easy to learn

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you get started in minutes.

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Print Avery labels for devices used in show (various sizes including Ltr and A4).

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1.3G and 1.4G effects

Huge library of over 6,000 1.3G and 1.4G effects. Import your own inventory or design your own shells.

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Design your site layout

Design the rack or pod layouts in your shoot site. Get get equipment lists automatically.

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Bills of lading

Inventory management product produces bills of lading and manages EX numbers.

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Finale was used to script hundreds of shows this season. Here's what some of the pros said:

"Finale Inventory is without a doubt, the best inventory program that I have worked with. This program is all about Fireworks Inventory and if there is something else we need in the program, Will and Chris will make it happen if it's possible. Worth every penny."

Joe Bartolotta
Fireworks America
President NFA

"I just want you to know that I just ran through my first show using your voice cue firing (420 cues, fast paced) and it was absolutely brilliant. What a difference this makes. Thanks so much for bringing such an excellent product to the marketplace."

Mike Rohrbacher
Stonebraker Fireworks

"Finale is far and away the best value fireworks design product on the market. It's an incredibly powerful tool and even after a year we're only just begining to unlock its potential."

Jon Culverhouse
Fantastic Extravaganza

"I wanted to speak up here and say Finale ROCKS. I fired my first 500+ cue show using Finale, a digital ATF firing system, Dominater 1.4 and Pro 1.4 product. I can't wait to put together my next one using Finale. I think that's what makes this software so great; it keeps on improving every week."

Scott Fleer

"We fired three large shows over the past 10 days, approximately 1275-1300 cues with 2500 shells (2"-12") plus candles, mines, cakes in each show. Scripted using FINALE and converted to NiteTime and downloaded into Pyromate Nighthawk. Everything went perfectly."

David Whysall
David Whysall Int'l Fireworks Inc.

"FINALLY! An all encompassing software package for the entire fireworks community, from hobbyist to professional, NEVER has there been a more complete and easy to use software solution to assist with the entire process of creating and setting up a fireworks display. Your shows will improve from day one! Affordability is an understatement."

Mike Kroeger

"The software is fantastic as is the support. I know the show [NFA 2010 Closing Show] was definately improved by it. There were several sequences that I was able to change or tweek in Finale that didn't look the way I had envisioned. It also helped to make sure that I didn't walk on top of other shells in the show."

Jeremy Kovac
Aerial FX

"I did a little backyard show this past weekend close to home. I showed up onsite with about $2500 worth of display fireworks, $1500 worth of Consumer fireworks, and a mostly finished soundtrack, at about 10:30 in the morning. I went inside to the computer for about an hour and a half and scripted the show using finale. All went better than the last 9 years I have done this show."

Jerry Casabella

"Working with Finale has been great, the inventory product is developed enough to be a real tool, but still in the stages where it is evolving and the developers try to incorporate our every need and suggestion. Having a system that is browser based means we can access the data from anywhere on many different devices. It is also a great feeling knowing anytime even on July 3rd we could get a surprise inspection by the ATF and all our magazine records are in order."

John Sagaria
Fireworks Extravaganza

"I have to say, I really like the way this program is setup - I have been doing choreographed shows for years and so far, this software has been the most user friendly and bug free that I have seen. It seems that most of the other applications out there come with a user manual and a "rule book" that is twice as thick saying do this and don't do that."

Chad E. Beebe
Orion Pyrotechnics

"I own Pro-Fusion Pyrotechnics Limited, supplier of professional grade fireworks and pyrotechnics to UK display companies. A couple of customers mentioned they used Finale Fireworks as their primary design tool so I took a look and liked what I saw, hence, my shows are now designed within Finale Fireworks and exported to FireOne. Finale is a fantastic product, from first loading the software to my first fully scripted pyro-musical in just a couple of hours, truly a great product at an amazing price."

Peter Horley
Profusion Fireworks, UK

"We've fired dozens of displays scripted with Finale and fired with FireOne. Finale enables us to visualize the show, make adjustments easily, and send the simulation to the client for approval. Finale Inventory works seamlessly to create a smooth process between designing the show to ensure inventory is reserved and available. At any point, we can verify stock of a particular product and guarantee that to a client whether the show is in one week or one year."

David Rosenbaum
Illumination Fireworks

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Show Videos

Real-world vs simulation comparisons of shows scripted in Finale

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How-To Videos

See how Finale speeds choreography tasks:

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