Includes 2 activation keys

For large and small display companies, FINALE BUSINESS offers the complete set of show operations and design tools (scripting, voice cues, labels, etc.) in addition to industry leading site layout and equipment management tools to help operators and crews show up better prepared to put on safer, higher quality shows.

  • Export scripts for all leading firing systems, and most hobbyist firing systems (15 formats)
  • Export generic CSV scripts and reports
  • Create voice cue wav files with audio + cues
  • Auto-address cues or assign manually
  • Print loading and inventory reports
  • Print Avery labels for devices in pick list
  • Create sales videos
  • Use a library of over 6,000 effects
  • Design your own firework effects
  • Use library of simulations of 1.4G cakes
  • Build cakes by combining individual effects
  • Configure firing modules/slats per position
  • Cut, copy, paste, group, align fireworks
  • Make fans, chases, curtains effortlessly
  • Import shoot site picture
  • Import music as mp3 or wav files
  • Click and drag fireworks directly to position
  • Infinite undo / redo
  • Work offline or online
  • Layout shoot site with Bird’s Eye View
  • Determine equipment needs based on site layout
  • Print 3D layout diagrams by launch position for operators and crew
  • Print full equipment manifests directly linked to show requirements
  • Pick any level of detail for site layout, from individual mortar assignments to "one-click" per launch position
  • Print pin/pod/mortar assignment labels for shells
  • Import product lists to Master Inventory
  • Import "pack list" with target device quantities
  • Highlight products in red or green if different from target quantities for show
  • Import show scripts from other programs
  • Auto-create demo shows from product lists
  • Create videos with your company logo and title screen
Main screen Loading report
Loading report Equipment summary
Site plan view Pod diagram

Data sheet and example files

Some features require ongoing service plan ($99/year per user account after first year); single-user, two-computer license.

Service Plan


Service plan required for online services, support, and software upgrades. First year included with purchase of Finale Business.

Online services

Finale’s online services includes unlimited creation and hosting of high resolution sales videos, inventory hosting and more from our online data center.


Personal email service and support directly from Chris and Will (the founders). Fast fixes for all problems.


New versions released every month rapidly incorporate customer feedback and feature requests; the product just gets better every month!

Finale Business come with 1 year of service. Purchase an extension for an additional 12 months from the expiration of your previous service plan. Finale may charge a reinstatement fee in the future for service plans that have lapsed more than 90 days.

Pyromate Edition


Includes all features of the Business Edition, plus the ability to download directly to your digital or analog NightHawk or P-45AF. Supports timecode. Officially endorsed by Pyromate, Inc.

Additional User or Computers


(Business or Pyromate only) If you have more than one user or more than two computers you can buy additional user accounts at a 35% discount. Each new account comes with two activation keys (i.e., for two computers).

Business Upgrade From PRO


If you have the PRO version of Finale, upgrade to the Business version to get site layout diagrams and ability to import your inventory. (The PRO version is no longer for sale.)