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Finale exports scripts in a variety of custom formats for firing systems and other software packages. Most formats are either text files that can be read in a text editor, CSV files that can be loaded into Excel, or database files that can be loaded into Access. The Finale Generic CSV format contains all the data and fields necessary for both firing system scripts and for generating custom reports like break reports, magazine reports, loading reports, and so on. You can also load the Finale Generic CSV into Excel and adjust the columns or formats for most do-it-yourself firing system formats.

Please see the Export Overview section, Finale CSV section, and the Dictionary section for an overview and specifications of the terms in these formats.

Direct Download

Finale Business Edition can download directly to Pyrodigital controllers, and Finale Pyromate Edition can download directly to Pyromate and to Pyrodigital controllers. Direct download uses the serial port or a USB port with a USB-to-Serial adapter.

Example Files

Some example files in various formats are provided here. The example file has three shots at 10, 11, and 12 seconds into the show from a first launch position (module address 10), then three shots at 20, 21, 22 seconds from a second launch position (module address 11), then three shots of pairs of identical devices at 30, 31, and 32 seconds from the first launch position, then three shots of pairs of different devices at 40, 41, and 42 seconds also from the first launch position. The firing system modules have been configured in the example file to combine multiple launches that occur at the same time onto the same firing system pin, in order to economize pin usage.

Example Labels

The three label files below illustrate three different formats supported by Finale for different label sizes. Two of the formats are for Letter size paper common in the United States. The third is for A4 size paper common in the UK. The A4 size format and one of the Letter size formats are 1" high labels, printed in three columns to the page. The second Letter size format is for 1/2" high labels. These labels are printed in top/bottom pairs, with the top label containing the information for identifying and locating the shell in storage, and the bottom label containing the information for fusing and dropping the shell.

Please see the Labels section for more information about labels.

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