Exporting to FireMaster


In order to make a firing script, you need to configure your launch positions with specifications of your firing system. For instructions, please see the Export Overview section. When configuring your launch positions for the FireMaster firing system, use integers starting from 1 for the module/unit addresses; specify the "first pin" is 1, and "number of pins" is 24. Set the "matches per pin" field to the maximum number of effects you would like Finale to assign to a single pin, which could be anywhere from 1 (conservative) to dozens (aggressive) depending on your firing system hardware specifications and wiring choices. Once you are ready to export your firing script, click the "File > Export firing script > Parente FireMaster" menu item.

The FireMaster Format

The FireMaster format consists of a header, followed by rows to represent the shots. The file is a text file with fields separated by semicolons, so you can view the file in Excel.

Firemaster 3

In the FireMaster format, each pin on a firing system unit (module) has a unique "Line Address" from 1 to 6120. The line address is calculated based on the unit address (1-255) and the pin number on that unit (1-24). Pins 1-24 on the first unit (module address 1) correspond to line addresses 1-24; pins 1-24 on the second unit (module address 2) correspond to line addresses 25-48, and so on. All effects firing on the same pin are combined in a single row. You can see the address of each shot in the format as the fifth field in each row, beginning with 217 in the above example.

Simultaneous shots and shots fired in rapid succession separated by one second or less are grouped into sequences so they can be transmitted to the firing system unit as a batch. All the items in a sequence share the same start time (START), and have their own relative offsets from that start time (DELAY). The sequence number is the first field in the row (CUE). Finale repeats the sequence number in the second field (SEQ), which pertains to reusing pins multiple times in a show. FireMaster also provides the capability to disable shots by their group number (GROUP), though Finale always writes 0 for the group number, indicating the group 0 which cannot be disabled.

The fields are all separated by semicolons, including a trailing semicolon after the START field. Times are in the format HH.MM.SS,hh (hh meaning hundredths of a second).

Example File

The example above is based on four sequences of three shots separated by one second. The show file that you can load in Finale, and the exported file containing the same text as above are available at the following links: