Exporting to StarFire


In order to make a firing script, you need to configure your launch positions with specifications of your firing system. For instructions, please see the Export Overview section. When configuring your launch positions for the StarFire firing systems, use integers from 1 to 255 for the module addresses; specify the first pin is 1, and number of pins is 32. Once you are ready to export your firing script, click the "File > Export firing script > StarFire" menu item.

Understanding the StarFire Format

The StarFire format groups all items firing on the same pin into a single row. Thus each row uniquely represents an impulse on a pin. The fields in the row are separated by tabs characters. Special characters like double quotes are not escaped, so beware if you attempt to load the format into Excel.

The Fields in Each Row

The set of fields in the StarFire row in order are: Mod, Cue, FT, DT, Qty, PN, Desc, Type, Size, Disable Type. The Qty (quantity) field represents the total number of devices on this pin. The Desc, Type, and Size fields represent the properties of the first device on the pin.