Finale Business is the most easy-to-use and powerful scripting software compatible with FireOne ® firing systems. You can create and export shows as FIR files all from within Finale. If you have existing shows that you've scripted with ScriptMaker ® you can import those shows into Finale, edit and re-export them as FIR files, or just make high resolution videos for your clients. With all its capabilities, Finale Business is easily the most affordable software for scripting shows for FireOne firing systems.

Finale's drag-and-drop paradigm for visual choreography can be learned in minutes. Powerful editing features like cut-and-paste, hide/unhide, and global find and replace make scripting large shows easier and more manageable than ever before.

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"We've fired dozens of displays scripted with Finale and fired with FireOne. Finale enables us to visualize the show, make adjustments easily, and send the simulation to the client for approval. Finale Inventory works seamlessly to create a smooth process between designing the show to ensure inventory is reserved and available. At any point, we can verify stock of a particular product and guarantee that to a client whether the show is in one week or one year."

David Rosenbaum
Illumination Fireworks

"I own Pro-Fusion Pyrotechnics Limited (UK based company) and we supply professional grade fireworks and pyrotechnics to UK display companies. Recently a couple of customers mentioned they used Finale Fireworks as their primary design tool so I took a look and liked what I saw, hence, my shows are now designed within FinaleFireworks and exported to FireOne. Finale is a fantastic product, from first loading the software to my first fully scripted pyro-musical in just a couple of hours, truly a great product at an amazing price."

Peter Horley
Profusion Fireworks, UK

"I just want you to know that I just ran through my first show using your voice cue firing (420 cues, fast paced) and it was absolutely brilliant. What a difference this makes. Thanks so much for bringing such an excellent product to the marketplace."

Mike Rohrbacher
Stonebraker Fireworks

Special Features for FireOne ® Systems

Offset For Timecode
If you use timecode, you can add a time offset to the script to shift it forward or back. Depending on when you prefer to mix your timecode with your audio track, you can script your show right away without worrying about timecode and then align it when you are done.


Advanced Pin Addressing
If you want to tailor the use of your the modules' pins for specific rack configurations, Finale gives you powerful tools. For example, you can specify pins 1 - 30 are restricted to 3" chains, and split off pins 31 and 32 to be used for cakes.


Example Reports

pyrodigital 3D layout reports include rendered diagrams of your racks with pin numbers and effect names, so crews can see exactly what they are meant to setup.


Loading instructions (and other reports like cue sheet, show summary, and product sheet) include well organized tables of the information you need to set up and shoot your shows.


Labels in standard Avery sizes both for 8.5 x 11 and A4 paper sizes can be sorted by product, rack, or position then product, so you don't have to hunt around for the right label.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface for scripting shows
  • Auto-address cues or assign manually
  • Download directly to your field controller
  • Shift your script to align with timecode
  • Create voice cue wav files with audio + cues
  • Print loading reports, inventory reports, and cue sheets
  • Print Avery labels for devices in pull list
  • Create sales videos
  • Import inventory and packing lists
  • Use a library of over 6,000 effect simulations
  • Design your own firework effects
  • Use library of simulations of 1.4G cakes
  • Build cakes by combining individual effects
  • Configure firing modules/slats per position
  • Cut, copy, paste, group, align fireworks
  • Make fans, chases, curtains effortlessly
  • Import shoot site picture
  • Import music as mp3 or wav files
  • Click and drag fireworks directly to position
  • Infinite undo / redo
  • Work offline or online
  • Layout shoot site with Bird’s Eye View
  • Determine equipment needs based on site layout
  • Print 3D layout diagrams by launch position for operators and crew
  • Print full equipment manifests directly linked to show requirements
  • Pick any level of detail for site layout, from individual mortar assignments to "one-click" per launch position
  • Print pin/pod/mortar assignment labels for shells
  • Collaborate/share shows, inventories, pick lists
  • Manage total inventory quantities (requires Finale Inventory service)
  • Import and manage equipment/supplies
  • Import fully choreographed shows from ScriptMaker ®** or other scripting programs
  • Create videos with your company logo and title screen
  • Export scripts for all leading firing systems, and most hobbyist firing systems (15 formats)
  • Export generic CSV scripts and reports

FINALE BUSINESSBuy Finale Business $749

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* FireOne, ScriptMaker, and CueMaker are registered trademarks of Pyrotechnics Management, Inc., which has no affiliation with Finale Fireworks. No endorsement or representations are implied.

** Videos and music/inventory upload features require ongoing service plan ($99/year per user account after first year free); single-user, two-computer license.