Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory is the powerful and easy-to-use inventory management system for fireworks display companies, resellers, and manufacturers. Designed from the ground up for the fireworks industry it creates a live connection between purchases, sales, reservations, show choreography and simulation. Since Finale Inventory is hosted in the cloud and accessed with any web browser, you'll be up and running at all your locations without installing any software, and will never have to worry about system backups or upgrades.

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"We've fired dozens of displays scripted with Finale and fired with FireOne. Finale enables us to visualize the show, make adjustments easily, and send the simulation to the client for approval. Finale Inventory works seamlessly to create a smooth process between designing the show to ensure inventory is reserved and available. At any point, we can verify stock of a particular product and guarantee that to a client whether the show is in one week or one year."

David Rosenbaum
Illumination Fireworks

"Finale Inventory is without a doubt, the best inventory program that I have worked with. This program is all about Fireworks Inventory and if there is something else we need in the program, Will and Chris will make it happen if it's possible. Worth every penny.

Joe Bartolotta
Fireworks America

"Working with Finale has been great, the product is developed enough to be a real tool, but still in the stages where it is evolving and the developers try to incorporate our every need and suggestion. Having a system that is browser based means we can access the data from anywhere on many different devices. Plus the secure hosting and backup mean we do not have to worry about the server or maintaining it. It is also a great feeling knowing anytime even on July 3rd we could get a surprise inspection by the ATF and all our magazine records are in order."

John Sagaria
Fireworks Extravaganza

System Capabilities

Powerful And Easy To Use From Any Browser

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If you have multiple employees working from your inventory, you know how difficult it is to keep everything consistent when each person has a local copy. Finale Inventory is hosted in the cloud, so all your employees can access the same, secure database of information and nobody can accidentally step on anybody else's toes. Access your inventory from anywhere, using any browser or even a mobile device like an iPhone. Your data is always backed up securely, and you can keep local backups or reports in case you ever need them.

Integrated Solution For Inventory & Scripting

A view into your inventory when you are scripting

If you have choreographers building shows using Finale scripting software, you can give them powerful views into inventory. They can make smart choices for product usage based on quantity-on-hand or available (i.e., not reserved for other shows). They can match their product usage exactly to a sales order with the help of green and red hilighting. They can see a running price total if they are designing a show for a specific product budget.

Know The Location Of Every Device

Detailed magazine and stock reports

One-click facility reports sorted by magazine or category show you the location of every device in your facilities. Magazine reports show the quantity-on-hand for each magazine at any time. When the ATF agent shows up, you are able to exhibit exactly the information he needs to see.

Know The History Of Every Device

From every stock transfer: who, what, where, when, and why

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "How did that get there?" The history reports will let you trace back through every stock transfer, from the initial purchase order to boxing and packing transfers, sales orders, and returns. All records are automatically tagged by the user performing the operation, so if you have multiple people buying, selling, reserving, or transferring stock, you can always find the complete history of how things got the way they are.

Automatic Bills of Lading, Shipping Documents

One button click to create a bill of lading

Since show sales orders are linked to inventory management, you can be sure that the one-click shipping documents will always match what you've boxed and packed.

Create Labels From Scripted Shows

Fully integrated with Finale scripting software

Finale Inventory is fully integrated with Finale Business choreography software, so when you script a show you can transfer that show to a sales order and automatically reserve the product, or you can begin with a sales order from the sales team and script a show from exactly the products and quantities specified in the sales order.


  • View real time, up-to-date inventory state from multiple locations
  • Print ATF compliant facility and magazine reports
  • Make one-click bills of lading / shipping documents
  • Handle EX numbers and manufacturer shift/date, and weight
  • Reserve product for shows prior to boxing and packing
  • Print pick lists, packing lists, summaries, and labels
  • Access your inventory from any browser, anywhere
  • Allow your sales team and choreographers to reserve product
  • Track all stock transfers; keep complete history
  • Break apart assortments for scripting
  • Optionally break apart chains, keeping correct device count
  • Integrate with purchase orders and sales orders
  • Record boxing and packing correctly as stock transfers
  • Pick shows from inventory in "spreadsheet view" so it doesn't feel like looking through a keyhole
  • Create sales orders with price for product, equipment usage, insurance, labor, freight, etc.
  • Track show progress on dashboard showing all stages from sales to shipping
  • Create your own custom product categories
  • Manage product data (including fields for ATF, DOT)
  • Manage customer and supplier contact information
  • Offer different access privileges to limit who can see prices/costs
  • Manage your inventory through clear, concise, and uncluttered screens
  • Support employees in remote locations without risking data integrity MUST HAVE!
  • Give your choreographers real-time access to inventory MUST HAVE!
  • Enjoy full integration with Finale scripting software MUST HAVE!

Included Services

Finale Inventory is used by companies of all sizes, including some of the largest display companies in the country. Whether you have a single magazine in a single location, or 100 magazines spread out over locations in multiple states, Finale Inventory gives you a centralized way to control your business. Please email for more information, to set up a trial account, or to purchase and get started.

Pricing & Plans

Small - $99/mo
  • 2 magazines
  • One location
  • 2 user accounts
  • No barcoding
Medium - $199/mo
  • Up to 20 magazines
  • 6 user accounts
  • 2 barcode scanner licenses
Enterprise - $399/mo
  • Unlimited magazines
  • 12 user accounts
  • 8 barcode scanner licenses

Annual purchase discount

Pre-pay for 10 months and receive service for one full year


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