I have multiple shows going on in the same day this year and limited on my number of cue's. I'm looking at a easier way to place say 3" and 4" shells on time line but arranged by fire time not effect time so if i drop 2 - 3" and 1 - 4" they all fire on module 00 cue 4. Right now only way i know how is to go to fire screen and manually change times so they line up and get assigned to same cue. I changed the (show) then (Options) and selected "Align prefires on time cues (for manual fire) but has not changed how they get put on time line aligned by effect.

Thanks for the help
Peter G

Select "Align prefires on time cues (for manual fire) under the Show / Options. Then place a TimeCue Marker by hitting ctrl - M where you want the first break to be. Then drag the different size devices to the TimeCue Marker and it will align all of the prefires for the devices on the marker. You can then drag all of the devices at one time by dragging the TimeCue Marker's label left and right.