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Topic: Finale 3D Software

If finally found Finale3D Software! Here the website link: (Copy and paste it to adress url)

Step 1:
Create Account or Login

Step 2:
Click Download Finale3D button (Green Buttons)

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Sorry, folks, this open link was a mistake on our part. A number of people have pre-paid for access to the pre-release/beta, but we didn't want to make the beta or a trial version publicly available because it isn't ready yet. We want to make sure that we can give service and training to all the early users since the software still has rough edges. It is still too much to expect people to figure it out on their own at this stage.

If you are interested in early access to the pre-release/beta, you can contact us at for details. We are getting close to the official release, though, so if you can wait a few months the software will be in better shape.

hi there

when can we expect a release date for this software