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My firing system has multiple slats that can be piggy backed to fire fronts from multiple positions at the same time. I know I can do this in Finale by adding modules with the same address to my positions, but when I do "Show > Readdress show" it blows away my modules. Why?

Yes, the "Show > Readdress show" function removes all the modules and recreates the optimal number assuming one address per module. Thus if you are using multiple modules (slats) to ignite shells at different firing positions based on the same firing system address, you can't use "Show > Readdress". However, since in this circumstance you are laying out modules yourself you don't need the "Show > Readdress" function. Just unlock all your addresses and they will be calculated automatically. If you want to reassign racks then use the menu item "Show > Reassign racks" not "Show > Re-address show and reassign racks."

How do I assign specific pins to the shots?

The basic idea is that you add launch positions to your show, then select "Show > Set addressing system > XXX". Then if you want to manually change pins, you edit the launch positions by right clicking them and then click "add modules" to add modules manually to the launch positions, at which point you can edit pin assignments by opening up the firing view (control-F), changing the "select only" selector to "edit cells" and then clicking in the pin cells you are want to edit.

I would like all my modules at position 1 to be addressed automatically as 1A, 1B, 1C, etc., and same for position 2 (2A, 2B, 2C, etc.) and other positions. How do I do that?

To make the modules number 1A, 1B, 1C, etc., for position 1, and 2A, 2B, 2C, etc., for position 2, please edit position 1, then click "edit modules" at the top of the layout dialog. Then on the modules dialog, click "add module". Then configure that module by calling its address "1A". Then do the same for position 2, adding a single module with address "2A".

After you add a single module at each position, 1A, 2A, 3A, etc., then Finale will automatically add additional modules 1B, 1C, 1D to position 1, and 1B, 2C, 2D to position 2, etc., to accommodate the shots at those positions.

How can I assign multiple effects at different times to the same pin, using delay fuses. It appears in the Firing View in RED, so I think is an error.

If you assign effects at different times to the same pin, the rows in the Firing View appear in red as a warning. This is not an error, just a warning. Because you can accomplish this in the world with delay fuses, it is supported.

I am scripting a show that is partially hand-fired, and partially computer-fired. How do I export a script for just the computer-fired section?

It sounds like you are scripting a show that is partially hand-fired and partially fired by computer. You can use the "Actions > Set track" feature on the Firing View to assign a short track identifier to your effects, like "HND" vs. "CMP" to distinguish between the hand-fired versus computer-fired effects. By selecting all the hand-fired effects and changing their track to HND, and doing the same for the computer-fired effects, you can then easily hide or show the two sections of your show using the "Track" filter at the top of the Firing View.

When you are done scripting your show, do "Show > Lock addresses" to lock all the addresses, enabling you to delete effects without affecting the addresses of the remaining effects. Then from the Firing View, set the Track filter to HND, do select all and delete to delete just the HND section of the show. Then remove the Track filter and do "File > Export script" to export a script for the remaining computer fired section of the show for your firing system. Repeat the process, being careful not to safe the partial file accidentally, to print a cue sheet report for the hand-fired section of the show.

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