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I uploaded a background picture JPG and the colors are inverted or tweaked. What happened?

JPG format pictures are usually stored in RGB color format, but it is possible store them with a different color format called CMYK, which Finale doesn't read. To fix the problem, open your JPG picture in PhotoShop and change the color mode by selecting the menu item "Image > Mode > RGB Color" (replacing the previous "CMYK Color" setting).

If I have a tower in the foreground, how can I make the fireworks go "behind" the tower?

Videos produced by Finale have a user-defined logo in the lower right. You can use a logo image as an overlay in videos that is drawn over the fireworks simulation.

The menu item to add the logo is "Show > Set video title images > Logo overlay image". The following steps prepare an image based on your background image to be used as a partially transparent overlay in front of the fireworks simulation. Making the overlay align perfectly with the background is tricky, but possible:


Make sure your background image is 5:3 dimensions. If it is not, then crop it and reapply it to the show.


Copy your 5:3 background image to use as the overlay image. Crop the overlay image evenly on top and bottom to 16:9 proportions.


Resize the overlay image to 768 x 432.


Crop the overlay image evenly to 752 x 416 (8 pixels off of each edge).


If you are saving your image as a jpg, then you need to employ a trick to represent transparency since the jpg format does not include a transparency channel. In Photoshop, change the format of the image from RGB to CMYK. The trick is that Finale will read the K channel both as the black component of the color and as the transparency value. Fill the k channel with black in the desired transparent area, and white in the desired opaque area. Unfortunately, filling the k channel with white in the opaque area will affect the colors in that area because the k channel that you modify is also a component of the pixel colors. For some images the change in color of the foreground part of the image may be unacceptable, but regrettably this is the only known solution for jpg images.

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