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Show, QOH, Available, and Target column quantities

When I add a chain of 10 to the show, the price and shell count go up by 10 times the price of the chain. How can I fix that?

Finale choreography always counts and sums in devices, so if you insert a chain of 10, the price is always 10X the per-shell price. The best solution would be to update your prices of chains in Finale to be 1/10th as much. It is a simple task to update just the price of items by importing a CSV file with just two columns: Product ID and Price. Importing this file will update the items having the given Product IDs with the given prices.

The "Show" column in the Firing View and Inventory View is showing the wrong counts, as if some of my effects are not counted. Why?

The "Show" column in the Inventory View and Firing View tallies the number of effects in the show for each type of effect. Effects in the show can come from different inventories, and can also be created in place with the menu command "Effects > Create new simulation". Thus effects with the same name or the same Product ID can actually be different types of effects, even if they look the same in the tables. If they are different types of effects, their quantities will tally separately in the Inventory View and Firing View's Show column.

The underlying database key that defines whether effects in a show are the same effect type with respect to the tallies in the Show column is called the "Unique ID" of the effect. The Unique ID is not shown on the Inventory View or Firing View, but if you export the script with "File > Export script > Finale Generic CSV" you will can see the Unique IDs of all the effects in the show, which may be useful for debugging.

If you are collaborating with other people to script a show, you can avoid problems by having all people use the same Master Inventory. If you use a shared Master Inventory and your show only includes items inserted from that Master Inventory, then the item counts in the Show column will always be clear.

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