Racks and Mortars Questions and Answers

In Finale the racks are in vertical way, but there are some that in the real world are horizontal. Can I make them horizontal in Finale?

In the launch position layout dialog, select the rack and edit it from the actions menu. Change its "rotation" to 90 degrees.

The automatic rack positions are in one dimension, but in the real world, for example, I have four racks but the 1 and 2 are in the front and the 3-4 are behind. How do I do that?

In the launch position layout dialog, drag the racks wherever you want!

How do I change the number of mortars per rack?

You can edit a rack in the launch position individually by:

  • Edit the launch position (right click on the launch position), then,
  • Select the rack
  • Click the "Actions" menu in the upper left and do "Edit rack"
  • Change the number of mortars, in the rack's properties dialog.

You can also change the number or mortars per rack per caliber from the menu, "Show > Set rack preferences...". You can also change your user preference for mortars per rack per caliber from the menu "File > User preferences > Rack preferences". Your user preference does not affect existing shows; it only affects new shows that you create after setting the preference. Likewise, the rack preference from the show menu does not affect existing racks in the show; you need to remove and re-add the racks for the preference to apply.

I use candle racks and single shot arrays. How do I get them in the reports?

Finale does not yet support candle racks and single shot arrays. By default, when you add racks automatically with "Show > Reassign racks" Finale will sleeve candles and single shots in mortars, creating racks for them. If in actuality you are using candle racks and single shot plates or arrays, then these extra automatically assigned racks will incorrectly contribute to the mortar and rack summary tallies.

To prevent the candles and single shots from consuming mortars and racks, you can set their mortar calibers to "N/A" before assigning racks. Then they will be treated like cakes or fountains, and will not be assigned racks. To do this, select the effects in the Firing View, then click "Actions > Change tube size" from the menu on the right and set the tube size to "N/A". These effects will then be classified as "other" on the reports instead of "In mortars," making the mortar and rack counts correct and just leaving out the candle racks and single shot arrays.

I am using chains in a fan rack. After doing "Show > Reassign racks" I get 5 racks instead of one for a fan rack. How do I transform it to 1 fan rack?

By default, Finale always add racks with straight-up mortars. To accommodate shells at an angle, by default Finale tilts the whole track to the required angle. Thus if you have a fanned chain of 5 shells, by default Finale will add 5 racks. You can change one of the racks to a fan rack by selecting the rack and editing it from the Actions menu in the upper left. Then change the rack from "Standard rack (all mortars at same angle)" to "Fan rack (each mortar at specified angle)" and type in the specific angles of the mortars.

After creating the fan rack, you can delete the other four racks. If the shells that you want to be in the fan rack are assigned by default to other racks, you can move them to the fan rack by selecting the fan rack again and editing it from the Actions menu. Then change it's module/slat from "Auto" to "Manual" and then type in the module and pin number for each mortar. These manual assignments require that the launch position has explicit modules added to the launch position, which you can add manually one by one by clicking "edit modules" in the upper right of the launch position's edit window, or you can add all at once with the menu item "Show > Re-address show". If the launch position does not have explicit modules, the module and pin boxes display "X" and do not allow you to select the module and pin (because there are no explicit modules to select from).

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