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As I zoom in/out with the magnifying glass on the right, how does that affect what I am viewing? For example, if my launch position is at Z = 1200', where is the audience? What is zero?

As you move the magnifying glass on the right, the displayed height indicates the visible vertical distance above the nearest firing position, or more loosely speaking, the height of the window. For example, if you have a front launch position that is 300' away from the audience and a "big guns" launch position that is 1200' away, then the height displayed in the magnifying glass is the visible height above that front launch position.

The site layout measurements are relative to the audience. The audience is always at Z = 0'. A launch position 300' away would be at Z = 300'. The image of the Sky View, however, is not generated from the point of view of the audience. It is generated from the point of view of a camera at some other position that depends on the magnifying glass setting. Thus when you are zooming in and out by adjusting the magnifying glass control, you are not changing the locations of the launch positions or the audience; you are just looking at the scene from a different view.

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